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Redlining Maps News Articles

Analysis: Appreciation Lags From Redlining

Federal Housing Discrimination Still Hurts Home Values In Black Neighborhoods

How Government Redlining Maps Pushed Segregation in California Cities [Interactive]

How Redlining Segregated Chicago, and America

How Redlining’s Racist Effects Lasted for Decades

Interactive Redlining Map Zooms In On America’s History of Discrimination

New Redlining Maps Show Chicago Housing Discrimination

Newly Released Maps Show How Housing Discrimination Happened

Race, racism and lead poisoning: Toxic Neglect

Redlining has left many communities of color exposed to lead

Redlining Has Taken A Huge Toll On Property Values. But Not Everywhere

Redlining: Still a thing

Redlining was banned 50 years ago. It’s still hurting minorities today.

Study: Tampa Bay homes in once ‘redlined’ neighborhoods worth half those in other areas

The Racist Housing Policy That Made Your Neighborhood

Where To Find Historical “Redlining” Maps of Your City

Potential Versions of Current “Redlining”?  Happening Now:

Business Modern-day redlining: How banks block people of color from homeownership

In Arkansas, ‘Digital Redlining’ Could Leave Thousands Without Health Care

Modern redlining: Racial disparities in lending persist in Dayton

Redlining is Alive and Well—and Evolving

Retail Redlining: One of the Most Pervasive Forms of Racism Left in America?

What Yelp Can Tell Us About Gentrification and Race

Rental Market Articles

Why the US Rental Market is Increasing Inequality

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